Punchbox Barbells Strong

Join us for a fat-burning 30 minutes of Punchbox Barbells.
Combining the quick short sharp fat-burning workout that Punchbox offers with barbell power in between.
We will focus on 1 core lift each week

This class is your class you have the option of Punchbox or strongman exercises and also the choice of a Conditioning workout or a heavy lift set

The class is designed to suit you

Rise & Shine Bootcamp

Our Bootcamp class will incorporate conditioning and traditional Bootcamp-style exercises.
Bootcamp classes are suited to all fitness levels – from the unfit to the athlete.
Fat burning and strength building interval training that is always varied will make sure you’re never bored, always challenged and moving towards your goals in a supportive environment.


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Punchbox Circuit


These workouts deliver accelerated fat -burning and Hormonal benefits that enhance health and wellbeing. A mixture of PunchBox, weights, squats lunges etc.. A PUNCHBOXFIT workout works more muscle tissue, keeping the calories burning for hours longer than a traditional boxing workout. If you want big results, super fast, then you need to try our high-intensity core-based boxing workout’s specifically designed to challenge yourself to try to increase your punch tally on the Punchbox every round of every workout. These workouts deliver accelerated fat-burning and hormonal benefits that enhance health and wellbeing.

MPT Power Hour

Hour of Power dedicated to weight training topped off with a short HIIT session. This is our most gruelling session, the one we like to finish off the week with and take us into the weekend.

Box Fhiit

A complete body workout.

Allowing you to develop superior upper body strength, quickness and agility, cardiovascular fitness, and improved posture all at the same time, our boxing class is suitable for all fitness levels. Our classes focus on specific techniques and drills. For those that don’t want to don the boxing gloves and pads you can use our Punchbox machine to achieve still a great overall workout.

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MPT 360

Get Stronger & Sculpt with our Max Power Transformation Session.

These sessions are designed to increase strength, Fitness & Conditioning, improve posture & Functional Strength & Change body Composition.

Body Blast Power 1/2 Hour

High-intensity interval-based bodyweight workout


Dynamic Bodyweight movements
Mobility work

Short sharp based workout to have you feeling at the top of your game

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Spin is a fantastic freestyle stationary bike workout. It will build endurance and provides great cardiovascular training for performance fitness.