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Covid 19 Lifestyle Training

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Lifestyle Update

We believe in living an active and strong life.
Now is a time where it is more important than ever to continue to move and nourish our bodies! ⁣

We are cleaning consistently each and every day with extra wipe downs

Hand sanitise on the way in and out and in between

We are an appointment only facility so we have more control of who is in and out of the building
We are listening and keeping up to date with the government and NHS guidelines. ⁣



What we can control at Lifestyle

1. If you are feeling unwell stay home and rest. Contact your coach direct if a PT client/ class peeps drop us a message on Facebook messenger so we can make sure you are doing ok!⁣

2. Wash your hands / sanitise before, during and after sessions ⁣

3. Please bring a towel with you to every session, non negotiable⁣

4. There is hand sanitizer please use

5. We as a team are increasing our daily cleaning

6. Blue roll is available but please please I cannot reiterate put it straight in the bin not on the side

6. Smile and let’s stay as a team and be considerate of others ⁣

Control what you can control.
Lots of water, fruits and vegetables and rest.
Remain positive, think positive thoughts, get some fresh air & meditation.

We are all systems go with all sessions still as per normal. Until such time that we are advised otherwise.

Now is our time to do what we do best and help each other out. ⁣#lifestylecrew